Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Constitutional, Civil, Family, Human Rights, And Immigration.

VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT – LAW FIRM provides client-centered representation in Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Constitutional, Civil, Family, Human Rights, and Immigration.

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability in every case we take, from auto accident injuries to human rights violations.

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    Practice Areas

    Personal Injury

    Personal injury is one of the most vitally important areas of law. People’s lives can be irrevocably damaged if they aren’t awarded the financial compensation they need after a serious injury.

    Criminal Defense Lawyer

    In addition to representing clients in personal injury, Criminal Law, Constitutional, Civil, Family, Human Rights, and Immigration.

    Treating Clients Like Family

    At VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT – LAW FIRM we’re committed to providing attentive, compassionate representation to every client.

    Constitutional Law

    Lawyer Fernando Villarroel, International Human Rights Defender, has 18 years of experience representing clients in all types of processes in constitutional law

    Civil Law

    The legal disputes that arise due to civil and commercial contracts between individuals and collectives, especially when they involve family or company assets, are always unpleasant.

    Family Law Attorney

    Legal disputes that arise between family members, especially when they involve children, are always unpleasant.

    International Human Rights Defender – Lawyer

    Lawyer Fernando Villarroel International Human Rights Defender has more than 18 years of experiencing representing clients in all types of legal matters, and 10 years of experience in processes for Human Rights violations in International Courts.


    Foreign Attorney In The USA With Specialty In Federal Immigration Law
    Foreign Lawyer Fernando Villarroel has a Specialty in Federal Immigration Law in the US, certified by NAFA & UNPAM UNIVERSITY/FLORIDA.


    Thank you for all the work you did on our behalf and for your immense patience with me. Much love and for you and all of God's blessings for your family.

    Patricia Aguilar Zabala

    It's not that often that you have the experience of dealing with a staff like VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT. My experience has been more than pleasant to deal with a professional...

    Alexander Carbajal Mendez

    My husband and I were very impressed by the professionalism and experience of this firm... We recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal advice in their areas of expertise. 09-21-2021

    Ilse Méndez Soliz

    I had a serious car accident in February. VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT was the first place I called and it was worth it. All the staff were always helpful and worked my case. I recommend them 100%.

    Wallduin Javier Bauer Gomez

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    Master Lawyer In Criminal Law & Specialist in Trials in International Courts


    At VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT – LAW FIRM, our legal team is dedicated to achieving justice for those who have been victimized by the intentional, willful or negligent actions of others. We are also proud to help members of our community who require legal assistance in Constitutional, Civil, Family, Human Rights Law, or criminal matters.