International Lawyer Romer Fernando Villarroel Hurtado is the winner of the Latin Maya Awards 2019 – Defense of Human Rights category.

17 de November de 2019 | Legal News

REF: Winner Announcement

Dear Mr. Villarroel: We are honored to inform you that you are the winner of the 2019 Fist International Edition of Latin Maya Awards to be cited under the category of “Outstanding Human Rights Activist” On Sunday, November 17, 2019. The Ceremony and Gala dinner will take place at the Westwood Country Club 800 Maple Avenue SE, Vienna, VA 22180. We expect 350 business owners, diplomats, local and federal invitees. We have Movie Stars such as Carla Ortiz, Bernardo Pena and others. Congratulations! It will be a pleasure to see you walk down to receive your award for your dedication, perseverance and commitment. The passion you show for your work on Human Rights and as a leader and an activist for your country Bolivia is unique and futuristic. Our Selection committee informed us that you were nominated by several people and that in their observations they found you to be professional, respectful, unique, very professional, friendly and well liked. Everyone we contacted had only good praises to give about you and the things you do be effective and solve conflicts. Your hard work, dedication, persistence, patience, commitment and passion have given you the power to achieve almost everything. You have set out high goals for yourself and have reached each one. Nothing is impossible for you.

November 17, 2019.