Civil Law

The legal disputes that arise due to civil and commercial contracts between individuals and collectives, especially when they involve family or company assets, are always unpleasant. It’s often beneficial to work with a Civil Law attorney who knows the Civil Procedure Code and alternative outputs to the process.

At VILLARROEL & ASOCIADOS, INT - LAW FIRM, we have a legal team dedicated exclusively to sponsoring cases of clients who have put their assets at risk in high-risk civil contracts.

Comprehensive Legal Services Of Constitutional Law

  • Preparatory Measure for Lawsuit
  • Monitoring Structure Processes
  • Executive Demand
  • Coercive Demand
  • Ordinary Process
  • Demand for Accountability
  • Third Parties and Third-Party Intervention
  • Extraordinary Process
  • Bankruptcy processes
  • Voluntary processes
  • Inheritance Process
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